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4 key takeaways from the inaugural FLIP Conference

Posted by Stephen Foley on Oct 19, 2018 5:24:42 PM

The Law Society of NSW recently hosted the inaugural FLIP (Future of Law & Innovation in the Profession) Conference. As might be expected, the conference program delivered a diverse and interesting range of speakers and panels, which covered the spectrum of legal industry players, and the related tech and innovation topics.

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Topics: FLIP conference, legal innovation, legal tech

What is OCR and what does it mean to lawyers?

Posted by Stephen Foley on Oct 19, 2018 5:13:59 PM

We are barrelling toward e-briefing and e-hearings, and surrounding all of this process innovation is a whole heap of jargon, which primarily comes from IT professionals or photocopier companies, sorry guys! One such term which comes up over and over again is OCR. And everyone talks about how OCR is essential for every document, but what is OCR and why is it so important - and what does it mean for lawyers?

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Topics: legal tech, electronic briefing, OCR

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